Hello! My name is MaKayla Tieu and I am a Forensic and Dispute Advisory Services (FDAS) intern at GBQ. I recently graduated from Otterbein University in May with my Bachelor’s in Accounting, with a Fraud Concentration, and a Business Administration Minor. I started working with the FDAS team in August of 2015 and it has been an amazing experience. I enjoy the constant change of assignments, never having two days be the same. My favorite cases to work on are the fraud/forensic accounting cases. Not only is working with the FDAS team a great experience, but so is working at GBQ. The culture and environment are what impact me the most. It’s friendly, personable, and professional, all at the same time. I look forward to starting my career at GBQ this fall.

My name is Maria Nobile and I have been interning in the FDAS department since June 1st. I am at home in Westerville for the summer, but during the school year I attend Walsh University. Walsh is a small school in North Canton, not too far from Akron. I decided to double major in Accounting and Management and will graduate this upcoming May! When I started learning about what FDAS is all about, I realized that you can’t easily sum up everything this department does. Every case is new and challenging. This has in turn provided me with a unique experience. I was able to work on a case that gave me a great first look into forensic accounting. It started out as what seemed to be just digging through documents but I quickly learned that there was a story to be told if I could just find the right documents. I was ultimately able to find documents that pinpointed problem areas and use these documents to form a story that could explain to our clients what was happening. I have had a great time learning more about forensics and getting a chance to meet so many friendly, intelligent, and helpful people working at GBQ.

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