Five Years of Service:

  • Libby Baker
  • Zach Bollinger
  • Tawny Flareau
  • Katherine Koon
  • Ethan Lane
  • Holly Lorenzo
  • Maria Nobile
  • Brad Warshaw
  • Michael Witte

Ten Years of Service:

  • Craig Hickey
  • Keith Hock
  • Mike Purcell

Fifteen Years of Service:

  • Judd Ballard
  • Steve Boston
  • Mark Fall
  • Sara Goldhardt
  • Matt Stamp
  • Mary Stucke

Twenty Years of Service:

  • Sheri Jacoby
  • Shaun Powell
  • Tim Schlotterer

Twenty-Five Years of Service:

  • Autumn Crist Borders
  • Ada Perkins
  • Steve Weber
  • Tracey Spring

Thirty-Five Years of Service:

  • Bob Biehl


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At GBQ, our purpose is clear: we empower growth; growth of our people, our communities and our clients’ businesses. A top tax, accounting and consulting firm for 69 years, we’re driven by the outcomes that we know can change the lives of those we work with and for. We’ve learned that this is what matters most to our stakeholders. It is this purpose that drives and inspires us every day. It’s why we exist.

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