In 2013, GBQ hired David Watson to provide consulting services to Credit Union clients. It has been our goal consistently to provide clients with high-quality services motivated by our mission and core values. As we contemplated our plan for the future, it became evident that the credit union consulting service line was not entirely compatible with a public accounting firm’s operating style and regulatory environment. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the next step in our evolution.

Today, our credit union consulting division became part of David Watson Consulting, LLC, a firm focused on providing consulting services to the financial industry. The transformation will put greater focus behind this service line, and will provide more flexibility in structuring client representation arrangements. David Watson, GBQ’s current Director of Credit Union Consulting Services, will assume leadership of the company and will operate this autonomous business. All other associates working in GBQ’s credit union practice will remain at GBQ. David will maintain an office at GBQ and will work collaboratively with GBQ personnel as client needs arise.

“We are confident that clients will receive the same outstanding service they have come to expect from GBQ. David provides significant value to his clients. This move provides David and GBQ with more flexibility in serving the Credit Union Industry,” said Scott Runyan, GBQ’s Director of Credit Union Services.

About David Watson

David has served the credit union industry for almost 30 years. He specializes in risk management; regulatory consulting; business, mortgage and other loan reviews; supplemental internal audit services; merger assistance; and strategic and operational consulting services. David has been a valuable asset to GBQ and its Credit Union niche clients for approximately five years. Dave can be contacted via email at and

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