GBQ is committed to privacy – in everything we do.

Recruitment fraud is when illegitimate or fictitious job offers are extended to job seekers in the hopes of garnering personal data and financial information. The scam is typically carried out by fraudsters posing as GBQ employees and/or GBQ hiring managers through unsolicited emails, text messages, social media platforms, job boards, and false websites.

This type of fraud is typically accompanied by requests for job seekers to provide personal and/or financial information as part of the illegitimate recruiting process. GBQ does not request or collect any financial commitment from candidates as a pre-employment requirement.


Tips for Preventing and Identifying Recruitment Fraud:

  • To check the legitimacy of a job posting, visit our Career Page or Handshake.
  • Emails from senders that do not include the address should be treated as fraudulent.
  • Fraudulent job offers typically request personal or financial information early in the process. GBQ will never require a candidate to share financial and banking information in the employment application process.
  • GBQ does not conduct interviews via Telegram, Discord, Wire, or any other cloud communication applications. GBQ only conducts interviews in person, and/or virtually via phone and/or Microsoft Teams.
  • At no time throughout the formal interview process will GBQ extend an offer to a candidate without first conducting in-person and/or virtual interviews as described above.


If you believe you have been a victim of a fraudulent job offer concerning GBQ, please contact Human Resources Senior Manager, Beth Mast, by emailing