GBQ is systematic, disciplined, and driven by outcomes that we know can change lives and empower growth.

Companies of all sizes are increasingly recognizing the need for improved corporate governance. For many, this includes a renewed interest in risk management and increased internal audit activities. For others, it also includes understanding the value obtained by partnering with a third-party provider to maximize their efforts.

Many of these companies have found that an effective internal audit function can assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving their business objectives. Not only can it provide assurance over compliance to company policies, but an effective internal audit can offer counsel on the organization’s risks and controls, help to ensure the reliability of financial information, and foster the efficient use of resources to enhance productivity and profitability, among other activities.

GBQ provides a risk-based approach to internal auditing. Our Risk Advisory Services practice is designed to provide a variety of internal audit and risk management services to both public and private companies. We partner with our client management teams to identify business risks that result from implementing business strategies and bring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management and internal control processes.

What makes us different? Over 60 percent of our partners have experience working at international accounting firms with clients that have been regulated by the SEC. This gives us the ability to provide services to large, publicly-traded organizations but our depth of experience with privately held businesses also enables us to tailor those services to middle market companies and small businesses. Our breadth of service offerings allows us to assemble a team of business advisors that will address the comprehensive risk landscape including financial accounting, tax and information technology considerations.