We understand your business beyond financial statements and tax returns.


It’s difficult for your business to comply with the complex and varied sales and use tax rules in state and local taxing jurisdictions across the country. The lines are only getting blurrier given the increase in online transactions, the provision of electronic services vs. tangible personal property, and the changing landscape caused by developments in case law and legislation. This is compounded by states becoming more aggressive and strategic in auditing taxpayers to recover tax dollars and fill budget gaps.

The sales and use tax arena is rife with pitfalls for any business, no matter the size, industry, or physical footprint. GBQ’s Sales & Use Tax team has experience not only in consulting clients but also working in the corporate tax departments that are facing these same issues. This uniquely positions GBQ to assist in managing its clients’ risks and opportunities in these areas. Let us do our thing so you can do yours. Sales and use tax consulting is a three-phased approach that includes identification, solution, and implementation.