Due to the increasing importance of connectivity and trade in a global business, pricing for intercompany transactions assumes a greater role in the successful strategic management of a Company’s overall tax policy. Transfer pricing services identify relevant intercompany transactions and then determine the appropriate pricing charged between related parties for goods, services, loans and financial transactions, and intellectual property considering the various international and domestic tax regulations.

While your intercompany transactions and respective tax regulations may be complex, our Columbus-based team works with you to find practical solutions to managing transfer pricing issues. GBQ’s team is experienced in designing, implementing, documenting and defending transfer-pricing policies under US, OECD and local country regulations. Our goal is to alleviate ongoing frustrations related to inefficient and overly complex transfer pricing policies and documentation strategies, in favor of an approach that is flexible, sustainable, and aligned with your overall tax plan and resources.

No matter the size or complexity of your intercompany environment, GBQ will work with you to customize a transfer pricing approach specific to your needs. Our transfer pricing services include:

  • Planning and consulting
    • Transfer pricing policy design and refresh
    • Implementation and testing assistance
    • Business changes/expansion considerations
    • Documentation strategy development
  • Transfer pricing documentation
    • US and local country reports
    • OECD Masterfile and local file reports
    • Benchmarking analyses
    • Co-sourcing/staffing support
    • Risk assessment
    • Dispute resolution