I read this article the other day about the ever changing working place and how business is moving toward remote working for work-life balance. As an auditor, I probably see my office desk for only 8 to 10 weeks total for the year. Working remotely is essential for my career. A lot of people think you are over worked in public accounting; I would argue that being able to work remotely has freed us. If I need to coach my nephew’s basketball team or pick up family members from the airport, working remotely has given me the ability to work anywhere at any time.

The key to this freedom though, depends solely on your ability to get your tasks done on time. It seems so simple, but it’s not so easy for everyone. It is hard for some people to stay focused and if you are not driven by work, it is easy to put other priorities first when no one is around; such as fixing that shelf or doing an extra load of laundry.

Last, there is something to be said about face time with peers and superiors. Out of sight, out of mind attitudes make it easier to cut people during budget shortages. Not everyone needs to be a “social butterfly”, but it’s important to show your worth and value in more ways than just reports.

Food for thought as we head into football season and Thursday through Sunday offers plenty of distractions!

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