Automated Clearing House (ACH) Audit Services

The NACHA Operating Rules require all participating depository financial institutions, third-party service providers and third-party senders to conduct a risk-based ACH Rules Compliance audit each year. GBQ’s credit union team provides ACH compliance services to enhance the quality of our clients’ ACH services and the satisfaction of the participating depository financial institutions and your customers/members by testing for compliance with these rules that govern the quality of ACH processing and customer service.

GBQ has developed customized testing programs for Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs), Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs), third-party service providers, and third-party senders that are updated each year, covering the latest modifications to the ACH Rules and essential areas of compliance. Our goal is to keep your organization safe and sound by testing for your compliance with regulations and making suggestions to improve your processes. Upon completion of an audit, you will receive a comprehensive, actionable audit report and recommended solutions to issues that are identified.

Whether you are a financial institution, third-party service provider or a third-party sender, our ACH audit services can assist your organization in maintaining compliance with the ACH Rules.


ACH Risk Assessment Services

The ACH Rules require all participating depository financial institutions to complete an ACH Risk Assessment as specified by your regulator. Complex payment applications, regulatory changes, and changing technologies present frequent challenges, while increased fraud and risk continue to threaten your bottom line.

GBQ’s ACH Risk Assessment Services are designed to assist in identifying areas of potential risk and assess internal controls, including adequate management, information, and reporting systems to monitor and mitigate these risks. The documented risk assessment will be tailored to your institution’s circumstances in minimizing ACH risk exposure and address the NACHA Risk Management and Assessment rule requirements. Our comprehensive evaluation of your ACH operations and suggestions for improving your ACH Risk Management program will help your organization minimize financial losses and operate more efficiently.