Our goal is to be more than your standard compliance accounting firm. We are a  business partner, and the opinion audit services allow us the opportunity to strategically partner with our clients.

In doing so, we recognize the benefits of a planned and proactive approach. Our partners and managers are heavily involved in the planning process, as well as the review of the fieldwork testing and wrap-up phases of the audit. We work to identify the potential areas of risk or other potential issues that may require special attention. This advanced planning typically results in a more efficient and effective audit process.

We are always looking for ideas to help our clients improve their bottom lines and reduce risk. Our firm culture reinforces the concept and belief that audits are not just a commodity—each of which is not “one size fits all,” and require a unique approach. An audit can be used as a platform to provide valuable recommendations to improve our clients’ business.






Communication with your team is the key to a successful audit for everyone. We involve our clients’ key operational and financial reporting personnel, as well as the Supervisory/Audit Committees and Board of Directors. Understanding the operations and financial reporting processes thoroughly is vital to the planning of the opinion audit. This allows our team to customize each audit specifically for each individual client. At GBQ, audits are rarely ever the same, even from year to year with the same client.

Each year, after gaining our thorough understanding as noted above, we begin a planning phase we call re-engineering. This re-engineering process is designed to take a fresh new look, each year, at the changes with our clients’ operations, the industry, risks, and requirements of financial reporting. It allows us to make improvements to the audit process and tailor our services to meet the opinion audit requirements, but equally as important, to be a business partner with our clients.


We believe it is more efficient and effective for our partners to perform their review while the audit team is performing the testing. Field review by the partner allows for all risks to be thoroughly addressed and any findings to be discussed and resolved with our clients quickly & efficiently. This leads to fewer issues during our reporting & wrap-up phases of the audit. This process allows our partners to be involved in a field exit conference and to provide operational & financial reporting advice to our clients.


GBQ places great value and importance on the management letter process, as our clients view management letters as a great tool to improve their operations and/or financial reporting processes. We also use benchmarking industry data and our experience to provide solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges during this process.

Our timeliness in providing our clients with their reports is an area that separates GBQ from other firms. We live up to our commitment to providing our clients with report drafts within two weeks of our fieldwork. We believe that reports should never to into the “black hole” at the firm and leave clients waiting for long periods of time.

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