We value the opportunity to strategically partner with our clients to serve as more than your standard compliance auditing firm. Empowering the growth of your organization through opinion audit services turns challenges into achievements, further bringing to life the benefits of a planned and proactive approach. Our firm culture reinforces the concept and belief that audits are not “one size fits all.” Trust our dedicated team of industry experts to utilize a tried-and-true foundation complete with a customized approach as unique as your organization.


To tailor our services to your organization’s needs, we understand your operations and financial reporting processes by first collaborating with key personnel, including Supervisory/Audit Committees and Board of Directors. As an extension of our commitment to empowering growth, our annual re-engineering phase allows our team to explore changes within the industry and your operations, including risks and financial reporting requirements.


At GBQ, we make every minute count. Our partners perform their review while the audit team performs testing, allowing for all risks and findings to be addressed and resolved in a timely manner. The result? Simplified reporting and wrap-up phases off the audit so that our partners can focus on the field exit conference and provide operational and financial reporting advice to your team.


Relying on GBQ’s industry expertise and proactive solutions to enhance your organization’s efficiency just adds up. Designed to meet your needs and complete with solutions you deserve, we place great value and importance on the management letter process. Only with GBQ can you get from where you are to where you want to be with customized and comprehensive report drafts within two weeks of fieldwork completion.