Here’s a tip — having a fraud hotline can help you beat the odds. GBQ is just a phone call away.


Did you know that organizations with hotlines detect fraud by tips 53% more often than organizations without hotlines? And that 40% of all frauds are discovered because of a tip? Having a hotline provides an easy, confidential and anonymous method for your employees to report tips which increases your odds of detecting fraud.

Features of the Hotline include:

  • Certified fraud professionals and CPAs monitoring the reports
  • Two easy ways to report
    • 1-800# – Your organization will have its own unique 1-800#
    • Online – Our secure online portal allows employees to use your organization’s unique company identifier to report fraud
  • Wallet cards for employees with information on how to report
  • Workplace posters with information for employees on:
    • The types of things they should report
    • Their responsibility to report
    • Instructions on how to report
  • Skilled and experienced professionals to assist from report to resolution
  • Optional workplace training for employees
  • Quarterly content to post on your intranet or push out electronically to employees

GBQ’s Fraud Hotline Services document