For most business owners, an acquisition or disposition will be the most significant transaction in the history of their business. The tax issues and complexities related to such transactions create numerous opportunities for the prepared, and perhaps just as many challenges for those who are . . . unprepared.

GBQ’s dedicated Tax and Transaction Advisory Services team can — and will — bring experience to your business during this very crucial and important time. It’s our job to ensure we understand your situation through a collaborative approach.

And, it’s important to us that you know whatever your business needs — whether it is due diligence, structuring, modeling, etc.— GBQ will help you with a solution.

Our Tax Due Diligence and Structuring services include:

  • Structuring for acquisitions, dispositions, and mergers
  • Tax modeling
  • Buy-side and Sell-side due diligence
  • Planning for tax “step-ups”
  • Tax attribute analysis (NOL’s, etc.)
  • Change in control payment analysis (Section 280G, etc.)
  • Analysis of transaction costs
  • Calculations for remediation (“make-whole” payments)

GBQ’s experienced tax professionals analyze tax issues and information that could impact a transaction. Our services include:

  • Optimal transaction structuring; e.g., reorganizations, asset sales, IRC 338(h)(10) elections and execution
  • Shareholder/partner tax planning
  • Tax compliance; e.g., federal, state, local, and international
  • Accounting method reviews; e.g., inventory & capitalization expense acceleration and income deferral
  • Tax accounting services; e.g., ASC 740 (fka FIN 48), FAS 109)
  • Federal tax services; e.g., manufacturing deduction, R&D credits, earnings and profits studies
  • International tax planning; e.g., transfer pricing, foreign tax credit planning
  • Executive compensation; e.g., IRC 409A, IRC 280G, stock option-related planning and compliance