Joseph Borowski


Director, GBQ Capital Advisors

A Joe of all trades.

World traveler, family man, fashion victim, juggler… you name it, Joe can probably do it. He’s got a competitive streak that serves him in both business and personal life; it’s led to awards, professional honors, even a marathon.

He’s helped grow and develop both the Columbus and Indianapolis GBQ offices and helped to shape the company’s strategic leadership plan.

Just when you think he’s done it all, we should tell you: it took three decades before he finally tried his first piece of pie.

Additional Resources
  • Miami University, B.S.
Professional Associations
  • CFA Institute
  • CFA Society of Columbus
  • The ESOP Association
  • National Association for Employee
  • Association for Corporate Growth
    (Board Member)
  • Leadership Columbus (Class of 2017)
  • Ohio Employee Ownership Center
  • “Navigating the New Normal”; ESOP Association; Sandusky, OH; October 2022
  • “From Feasibility to Reality: A Company’s Journey to ESOP Ownership”; ESOP Association; Lansing, MI; April 2022
  • “What’s Impacting Valuations, and Business Value?”; Ohio Employee Ownership Center; Akron, OH; April 2022
  • “What’s In Store for Your Valuation?”; ESOP Association; Columbus, OH; March 2022
  • “How to Effectively Communicate Financial Information in the New Environment”; 7th Annual Great Lakes Regional ESOP Conference; Sandusky, OH; September 2021
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